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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $99!
Now offering free shipping on all orders over $99!

The Götze Mr. Chopper

by Götze

 The Götze Mr. Chopper

With a creative design and variety of blades, Mr. Chopper makes food prep of all kinds a no-brainer. Whether you are making fresh salsa or separating eggs, this amazing gadget truly does it all. Its easy-to-use functionality and non-slip base ensures a mess-free and utterly enjoyable cooking experience.

Main Features:

Versatile: chopper, beater, spinner, egg white separator & grater

  •  Convenient: press-to-lock and self-standing cover for mess-free cooking and no pesky

  • wires that get in your way.

  •   5 Ultra-Sharp Blades: slicer, wavy slicer, shredder, grater, and 2-way big julienne

  •  Dishwasher safe and easy to clean!