Pattern Kitchen Knife

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We imported 67 layers of Damascus steel chef's knife from Japan. This is a multi-functional professional kitchen Damascus knife with a durable blade that can perfectly cut, cut, slice and dice, and be used with vegetables, fruits and meats. Unique rod-shaped design. The surface is brighter and more comfortable. The handle material is mainly imported resin, carefully selected color wood, double copper ring decoration, not rusty. The brocade pattern improves stain resistance and prevents food from sticking to the knife. The tapered grinding of the blade achieves a very high sharpness. The handle allows maximum control of movement with minimal effort. Durability and good balance, combined with corrosion resistance and elegant brocade patterns, make this knife worthy of professional use. Super anti-rust. It is an ideal choice for professional chefs, kitchen experts, food suppliers and novice home cooks

1. Japanese chef's knife-this is a multi-functional professional kitchen Damascus knife, which can perfectly cut, cut, cut and cut vegetables, fruits and meats. Suitable for professional chefs, culinary experts, food suppliers and novice householders
2. SUPER EDGE-67 layers of Japanese super brocade steel, finely polished surface. Corrosion and corrosion resistance. The curved edges are clear, more durable and sharper. Can be stabilized at 60±2 HRC, vacuum heat treatment hardness, long-lasting transparency
3. Exquisite pattern-The pattern of 67 layers of brocade steel is very good. Beautiful and generous, it makes people shine. Also suitable for collection and display
4. Resin wood handle design + blue-unique handle design. Made of solid wood, the hand is brighter and the surface is brighter and more beautiful. Ergonomics.
5. The best gift-the knives are exquisite and beautiful, with high-quality gift boxes and knife sets. Very suitable for gift giving

Product information:Product name: Chef Knife

Steel thickness: 2.5mm
Blade material: Damascus steel
Handle material: stable wood and resin
Handle craft: steel head inlaid with solid wood
Product Category: Slicer
Material: Stainless steel
Style: modern simplicity