Cream Bottle

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1. Made of high-quality materials, light weight, easy to use, and easy to carry when traveling.
2. Suitable for most cosmetics, creams, lotions, etc.
3. Exquisite handmade design, specially designed for storing cosmetics.
4. Good size and capacity, enough to meet your travel or business trip use.
The 5 box is very small and convenient for outdoor travel.

Product information:
Plastic varieties: pet
Process: frosted, embossed, UV printing, gravure, hot stamping (silver hot), self-adhesive label
Capacity: 150 (ml)
Purpose: general packaging
Main body diameter: 71 (mm)
Caliber: 68 (mm)
Height: 62 (mm)
With cover: plastic cover aluminum cover
Wall thickness: 0.3 (mm)
Finished product outer packaging: outsourcing small plastic bags
Product name: 150ml wide mouth bottle pet plastic bottle whole wheat packaging bottle candy packaging bottle cream bottle
Specification: 150ml
Production process: blow molding
Material: new food grade pet material
Packaging: The product is packaged in a small plastic bag alone, and packaged in a carton for external use

Save reminder:
Avoid high temperature and direct exposure

Packing list:
Cream Bottle*1